Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Right, so the time has come to get an agent. I waited until I had done a few shows so that there was more professional work on my CV but now it is time to send my stuff off to agents. I sent my packages off today!! 
First though, I had to find the agents to apply to. There were some I already knew about but for the others I went through my 2011 edition of Contacts from Spotlight with a highlighter trying to find some suitable, focusing on agencies based quite close to where I live at the moment. After creating my list I researched all the agencies and went through the people on their books already to check if there was room for me and tried only to apply to the agents that I thought I’d be suitable. 
After finalising the list, it was time to write the cover letter. I learnt that with a cover letter you should:
  • Have a clear purpose and reason for writing the them, such as if you have a show coming up.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Make sure it is personalised and not just group text.
And now that each of my cover letters have been written and printed, along with the prints of my two new headshots and my updated CV I have sent off my packages and wait to hear back. I have written to them inviting them to come see the second performance of Buttercups, on the 18th November. 
I’m glad the packages are complete and I now I know what I’m doing so it won’t take me too long if I have to go through the process again!