Tuesday, 28 February 2012


All good things must come to an end, I guess. Today was the last Earthfall Development class. 
They were all brilliant. They has changed the structure of the classes a bit which was nice because it seemed fresh and really another step forward from the last ones. 
This time around, it was more about learning set routines and building on them every week. It was great, because it furthered my training on picking routines up quickly, which is something I need to improve on.
At one point, there was the possibility of maybe being able to perform a few routines at Chapter on the opening night of At Swim Two Boys. Due to health and safety, however, it was never followed through. But it was brilliant.
I have learnt new skills, more moved to add to my repertoire and it was an amazing experience and true privilege.

Friday, 17 February 2012


I saw that Working Title (who make some of THE BEST ever movies) were offering an internship and I had to jump at the opportunity to apply! The application really asked some incredible questions and I thought I would share my answers.
Why film? Why now? Why you? (200 words)
Film has always been my life. The power film has to emotionally connect with a human being, society, the world, is the strongest power we have. It educates, entertains and transports people in a way that I think is universal. My love of film started when I was a very little girl. It was kicked off by a need to act but has progressed into a passion for writing and filmmaking. I have adoration for film that will drive me to do my absolute best and I feel that there is no other industry for me to pursue.
I recently graduated from university having studied Theatre and Media, and after spending time working with others on their projects as well as several productions of my own I feel I have now learnt enough to be able to progress and take my knowledge and skills further to work on bigger and more challenging projects. Having spent half of my life in my home country of South Africa and the other half in Wales I feel that I have a unique view of the world that is evident in my work and is something that I could bring to internship.
What film do you wish you had made, and why? (100 words)
There are so many films that I wish I had played a part in. One film that changed my life and made me realise how powerful the medium can be was Boys Don’t Cry. The writing was hard hitting and the performances were beautiful in all their tragedy. The way the film was shot was stunning and I loved how dark the film was visually to mirror its subject matter. The film also told a story that is close to my heart. It was not just a story about transgender, but one of humanity. Films that expose human nature are definitely ones that interest me the most. 
What don’t you know, and how will you go about learning it? (100 words)
Whilst I have made my own short films working as a writer, actor and director the process of making a feature film is still new to me. I am learning more and more everyday through my own research and practices and time on sets where I can speak to crew. I still have a lot to learn about the casting and legal processes, organisation, production and running of a set. I believe that working with such an established company that has made many of my favourite films would be a great way of learning all I need to and I am eager to be taught.
Fingers Crossed that I get it, but as we know, thousands of people apply and it is a long shot but it was fun to ask myself those questions.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


So, today I have been working on the short film that Anna-Maria and myself are doing. From here on, it is called Truth until I have another title. 
It’s weird re-working something you have already written and turning it into something completely different. The relationship and stories of the two characters have completely changed. Also, the whole motivation of what the film is about has changed. They say one must write what you know, and this has now become much more personal. Each character represents a different part of myself. At first, I thought I was basing my protagonists on people I knew, but I have now realised I am writing about two versions of myself. Realising this, I have to say, it has made the writing process easier. Before, I was trying to make things up and now, I don’t have to.
I do love it though. First draft us done and now I just need to redraft it and send it to Anna and my trusty brother, writer and animator Luke Cecil, and wait for changes. Then we cast and plan the shoot.